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Hello and welcome. I commend you for your interest in naturopathic and/or traditional Asian medicine. This medicine is about empowering YOU. I believe that achieving optimal health is a continual work in process. Well-being is primarily maintained by being in a state of continued awareness with your mind, body and spirit. The journey of health is an exciting time filled with revelation, self-discovery and insight as well as some pretty hard work to break patterns of thought and behavior that don’t serve you. Let me help you to discover the essence of who you are so that you may live in optimal health!

My office is in downtown Mundelein inside the Chiropractic Care Center, office of Dr. William Schafernak, D.C. Please call 847-949-4262 to make an appointment. 


450 North Seymour Ave.
Mundelein, IL 60060
Phone: 847-949-4262
Fax: 847-949-8526
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Tuesday 9:30AM-3PM
Saturdays 8AM-5PM
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Dr. Stacie Han, N.D.

Dr. Han provides naturopathic and East Asian medicine to all. She has a strong interest in women’s health, gastrointestinal health, various endocrine disorders, and pain management. She is especially passionate about diet and nutrient therapy, botanical medicine including Chinese herbal formulations and physical medicine. Learn More»
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